Acc-U-Rail by Doug Jones

Descriptive drawing

Solid! Give your gun that solid one-piece feeling!
Stays Tight! It won't shoot loose like the current method of bending, squeezing and peening.
Accuracy! A Patented slide and frame tightening system which improves accuracy and mechanical functioning.
For 1911's Available for: Colt, Caspian, STI, SV, Tripp, Para-Ordnance, Springfield, Kimber, and all 1911 clones

Truly Serious Gear... Turn and Burn! For Serious Shooters

Close-Up Rail Photos
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Contact Information:
Doug Jones - Gunsmith
2271 Star Court, Building #4
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone: (248)852-6490

Sorry, Doug is not available via e-mail at this time.

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